June 26, 2011

Warm Day

 i am believing. someday, there will be some of my best friends, that will give me big sureprise every single day in my life. they will grant me a lot of careness, compassion, big hug for my every tough....
i am wondering....
i wont be feel lonely anymore, because there will be a friend that wont be mind to accompany me have some little journeys, or little things to do together, such as doing picnic, do photographs hunting, or maybe just fulfilled our spare times with have lots of chats together.

taken from:http://www.achristianyoginisblog.com/

God, that are my simple dream. will You please make come true? i believe in You... i mean You know the best for me. amin :)

"You have always been loved,
you are loved,
and you will always be loved."     ~ Rob Bell

taken from: http://kathmandau.blogspot.com/

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