June 22, 2011

Nemu: The Lost Cat

i ever had two cute cats. they're very attractive and seems very enjoy their every single day. run in my wide fronta yard, jump in some chairs, bite the edge of the curtain. i love them. very much. until someday one of brother's friend take one of them. the man one. the hyperactive one. and the handsome one. i didnt know when he tooks my kitty, but i feel very sad. that's not a good decision. because couples days after that i heard that news, my kitty was lost.

nemu is his name. i found nemu in a morning in fornt of my ex-dormitory. i saw him looks so weak and fragile. he's maybe was born two weeks before. he was cried out all night before. he was so poor that time. so, i bring him to my house in my home town. by chance my older cat gave a birth couple weeks before. so, he nurtured by my old cat named cino and be her stepped son.

now, i just can memorized it. that cute cats. these some of his pictures when played with my other cat name ingih.ingih was the brown one and little one. she is also cute and still in my house now.

i hope someday i'll get my new nemu:)

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