June 26, 2011

Keep in Mind

The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved. -- Mother Teresa

Warm Day

 i am believing. someday, there will be some of my best friends, that will give me big sureprise every single day in my life. they will grant me a lot of careness, compassion, big hug for my every tough....
i am wondering....
i wont be feel lonely anymore, because there will be a friend that wont be mind to accompany me have some little journeys, or little things to do together, such as doing picnic, do photographs hunting, or maybe just fulfilled our spare times with have lots of chats together.

taken from:http://www.achristianyoginisblog.com/

God, that are my simple dream. will You please make come true? i believe in You... i mean You know the best for me. amin :)

"You have always been loved,
you are loved,
and you will always be loved."     ~ Rob Bell

taken from: http://kathmandau.blogspot.com/

June 25, 2011

This is A Dream Not A Wish

i never realize before that i could going abroad. until someday one of my best friend gave me an information of a scholarship to US a.k.a United State (of America). i try to gave my best on my application, so then they called me for interview test. what made me really dissappointed was that i wasnt past that test, so i was failed to went to US.

then, the days gone by time... i still in my position, being a lazier and dumber. i just think about how damn me that cannot be anything. i tried to search many information about scholarship or fellowship that would gave me a chance to went abroad, but everything seems useless.

i realized some big thing later. i knew that i shouldn't thought about bad things and chased something that i didnt really mean to got it. i choose to focus on my primary responsibilty, doing my undergraduate's thesis. life is a choise. how hard you want to pick one decision that you think will be the best for you. at least, it will be better than if you do something useless.

i believe that someday i will going abroad like my best friend, Dee or Bee. they're inspiring overall.i know i will such as what you've got now. i will be..

this is a picture from one of hungarian palce. i love hungaria. someday i'll go there, to see "Gloomy Sunday"s country.