December 01, 2010

glimmer shinning Candle

these picture tooks by me when i've got a "mati lampu" session in my boyfriend's exrented house in solo. the truth, condition there was not that gloomy. but i've got inspiration about the candle. i tried to take it's picture and this is it!
 for me that love sorrow situation sometimes, that pictures looks interesting for me. and got the aim.
just check it out :D

i put knife in that light, so it looks like something split it

 this light seems so chaos maybe. but give uniquely shape

 the light seems more stabil than the other. but still the knife in it

the last one but still the good one.

if i see that potographs, i feel the loneliness side of me sometimes. being alone in a dark room. but i still have a light to help me find things around me even if the lamp doesnt work and it is in the middle of a sorrow night. maybe, i like to be the candle for myself and everybody around me:)